How it works

Get ready for a Simple, Seamless & Hassle-free Experience


Here, we together take the first step towards knowing more about
your business, products, competition, etc. that will help us build a rock-solid strategy for you.

  • On-boarding & Setup

    On-boarding & Setup

    We send you a quick on-boarding questionnaire followed by an on-boarding call to understand more about your business and needs.

  • Audit & Strategy

    Audit & Strategy

    We audit & analyze your current and past email marketing campaigns, templates, subscriber behavior, competition and draft an initial email campaign strategy – that assesses best day and send time for your campaigns, list segmentation, improved scope for personalization. etc.

  • Campaign Calendar

    Campaign Calendar

    We collaborate with you to draft & finalize the email campaign calendar, which usually is a monthly or quarterly exercise (based on the email volume).

  • Integrations


    We care to ensure seamless communication between your tools by making the required integration between your Email Softwares (ESPs) and the other CRM or automation tools you use for your business.

  • Email Template Production

    Email Template Production

    After right understanding of your business and target audience, we set up a basic Brand Guideline for your email creatives, so as to bring consistency within your email campaigns. We suggest and build one-off or Master Templates for your brand that delivers effective campaigns.


This is where we roll up our sleeves and jump into execution. We deliver your
email campaigns as per our planned calendar and keep on refining the strategy based on the consistent campaign analysis results.

  • Campaign Assets Gathering

    Campaign Assets Gathering

    We follow a simple process, where you supply us the copy, creatives & other assets required for specific campaigns as per the scheduled time defined in the content calendar using a pre-defined form. We shall support your endeavor by sending reminder notifications well in advance.

  • Campaign Setup & Approval

    Campaign Setup & Approval

    We setup your campaign either by using your existing template & populating it with the new copy & images or we’ll build a new custom one-off template. And once everything is setup in your software, we’ll test the template/campaign with Litmus to ensure it renders flawlessly in all popular email clients. On satisfactory results, we shall send you a final test campaign in your inbox for approval.

  • Campaign Delivery & Analysis

    Campaign Delivery & Analysis

    Once the campaign is approved from your end, we deploy the email to be sent to your subscribers as per pre-defined date & time and monitor the results. If we find any specific learnings from the campaign, we share the same with you and suggest & implement the learnings for the next campaign.


A broader level campaign performance for each client is analysed every quarter. However, in case of exceptions where the volume is too high, we
choose to complete this process monthly. This broad-level analysis helps us comprehend the results generated by our strategy and gives us a chance to
deep dive and perfect it, so as to produce better results.

  • Result & Strategic Analysis

    Result & Strategic Analysis

    We create a quarterly analysis report of your Email Campaign account along with insights we have gathered during that quarter. Besides sharing the report with you, we prefer to jump on a call to discuss past results and the road map ahead.

  • Quarterly KPI Setup

    Quarterly KPI Setup

    We also set up quarterly KPI which help us provide a clear road-map & achieve targeted milestones. We generally take it up after initial 3 months engagement with a customer, because we believe that by then both the parties are confident and have the clarity regarding challenges, possibilities & expectations.

  • Campaign Calendar setup

    Campaign Calendar setup

    Campaign Calendars are the heart of email campaign execution. Once we are confident with the results derived during the past quarter, we setup a new campaign calendar for your account, which we follow for the next quarter. Our experience teaches us that a precisely-planned execution delivers enhanced result.


Your Role

  • Providing required information & access to us to understand your product, business & results of your past campaigns.
  • Active participation to planning the right email marketing strategy and campaign calendars.
  • Providing campaign assets on time.
  • Active communication periodically to discuss results & strategies.

Our Role

  • Help you analyze and audit your current email marketing practices and share results.
  • Building a rock-solid strategy to get better ROI of your email marketing investment.
  • Integrating your systems for flawless communication between tools.
  • Creating content calendars periodically.
  • Creating KPIs at agreed, periodic intervals that will help us both analyze campaign results.
  • Flawless execution of email campaigns as per the planned content calendar.
  • Creating periodic performance reports to refine future strategies.