Campaign Management, Automation & Audit Pricing

Monks pricing structure is transparent & easy to understand.

Our Promise: If we can’t improve the Results of your email marketing campaign in the first 3 months, we return 100% money.

What are you looking for?

Email Marketing Audit

We can create an insightful audit report by analyzing your templates & Email Marketing Campaigns. Select what you wish us to do.

  • Email Template Audit

    We thoroughly audit your templates from design, UX & email client compatibility point of view & provide you a detailed insight on areas to improve.

    Recommendation Scope,
    Design & Coding Analysis of upto 5 templates. CTA analysis, Text-to-Image ratio analysis and Branding Guidelines Compliance Analysis.



  • Email Marketing Audit

    We deep dive into your Email Marketing activities, templates, results, list strategy & more to get insightful analyasis and recommendations that help you get better result from your investment.

    Recommendation Scope,
    List, Data, Segment Analysis, Analysing Best Date & Time to send, Subject line Analysis, Template Design & Code Analysis, Result Analysis.



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Email Template Production

We have produced over 60,000+ custom Email Templates for 5000+ customers globally.

How do you want us to help you?

  • I want Monks to Design & Code a custom
    template for my Email Campaigns

    Custom Email Template
    Design & Coding starts


  • I have designs ready,
    I want Monks to code them.

    Email Design to Code
    conversion starts @


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