Are you a Digital or Email Marketing Agency looking to scale up your email marketing ROI? That’s awesome! But is lack of resources and the need for faster project turnaround to manage huge project inflow acting as roadblocks in achieving your goals?

Monks can help you ACHIEVE your goals.

We have been working with over 3,000 email marketing & digital agencies under strict NDA terms, as premium White Label Service Partners ensuring complete confidentiality of information and quick turnaround time for email campaign management and template production.


We are right fit for

  • Email Marketing Agencies

    Looking for a scalable template production & campaign management support.

  • Digital Agencies

    Looking for a reliable email campaign partner for their clients leveraging our email marketing expertise & experience.

We Help Agencies with

  • Email Template

  • Email Campaign

  • Email Automation
    Setup & Maintenance

  • Analysis &

  • Integrations

  • ESP

We have two white-labelled models to offer

  • Project/Job-based model

    In this fixed price, project-based model we help you create a set of templates, manage campaigns or even set up automation for specific clients. Here, we provide you a quote and our involvement is limited to that particular project or campaign.

  • Dedicated Resource Hiring model

    In this hiring model, you have the flexibility to hire a trained team of email designers/coders & campaign executives who will dedicatedly work for your Agency, like your own remote team.

Agency Benefits

  • Cost Advantage

    Outsourcing your email campaign to us can not only save on overhead costs of hiring a full-fledged in-house team, but it can also improve your profitability as a white-labelled partner, as you’ll be outsourcing to us at a much lower cost.

  • Expertise

    Whether you have an in-house email marketing team or not, partnering with EmailMonks can help leverage our expertise and extensive experience to scale up your email marketing programs by taking advantage of our NDA supported White Label Services for Campaign Management and Email template production.

  • Freedom to Scale up/Scale down

    Partnering with EmailMonks gives you the freedom to scale up your need for email campaigns during peak season and otherwise, or even scale down when the demand is not too high during a particular slog period. We understand your business has differing needs over the course of the year and respect your priorities.

  • White-labeled Services with Strict NDA

    Our White-labeled Services Model gives you the unique advantage of rebranding our services and reselling them. Be assured about the confidentiality in our relationship, as we start our work only after we sign an NDA with all our partner Agencies.